Wedding Flower Mistakes to avoid

Marriage is one most important event in life and getting married is one of the best experience, hence it is pretty sure that every moment of the wedding should be perfect. However, as it the biggest event you have ever planned in your life, it is obvious that few mistakes will occur. Some of them are listed below so do care before planning.

Not seeing the big picture

Couples tend to see the centerpieces and the table setting but do not visualize the whole reception room with their guests in it. For example, couples pay for a room with a wonderful view of the ocean or scenic surrounding and want tall, large centerpieces, that will obstruct this view.

Not trusting your florist

Communicate your vision, likes, dislikes, and expectations but have a little flexibility and be comfortable with substitution. We want to make your wedding absolutely breathtaking. So relax, put trust in your vendors and remember why you hired that amazing talent!

Not reusing ceremony arrangements

Aisle flowers can become centerpieces and altar pieces can be moved to the buffet table. The ceremony usually only lasts about half an hour — it’s a shame to see so many flowers only being used for that amount of time when they could easily be incorporated into the reception decor!

Not Being Flexible

The biggest mistake is for a bride to have her heart set on specific flowers and not be flexible. A florist can do a much better job if the bride asks for an overall look, feel, and color scheme and let the florist create it.

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