4 Non-Floral Wedding Centerpiece Ideas Just as Beautiful as Blooms

We obviously love flowers as a wedding centerpiece mucho around these parts, but every now and then, it’s great to see some innovative tablescape ideas that require no floral elements. Chic Flowers Company shares with 5 inspirational ideas for the modern bride (or bride on a budget) how to create a flowerless reception.

1. Crystals

No, not the tacky bedazzling types (those you should stay FAR away from)—rather, the natural element kind. Have your planner go monochromatic (shades of only white would be perfect for a winter wedding) or choose a palette (pale blushes, deep greens) when choosing the crystals—you could even do a different colorway for the head table if you have one. Cluster them together in organic (read: not uniform) bunches as a runner down your tables, and add in twinkling votives to catch the light of your creation.

2. Candles

It may seem obvious, but again it’s the execution of this idea that makes it interesting. Collect or rent TONS (we’re talking hundreds if you can—after all, you aren’t paying for flowers!) of vintage brass and copper candlesticks in varying heights and shapes and then load all of your tables up with ’em. For extra drama, have your candles go ombre in color as they wind down the table.

3. Tiles

This one goes out to all our color lovers. For a real punchy table, collect beautiful loose tiles in different colors and patterns (but stay cohesive in your palette—as long as the two to three main colors are the same, it’s ok if the accent colors and patterns are different) to act as a runner. Instead of lining them up perfectly, layer parts of them on top of each other so there is dimension and playfulness. Add taller candlesticks instead of votives so you get a some height on your tablescape, but keep them simple so as not to distract from the tiles. For a more minimalist bride, use this same technique but with marble tiles.


Add some drama to your tables (and the rest of your reception décor) with beautiful pampas grass—it’s fluffy and a beautifully muted. Kudos to the bride who can keep the rest of her reception and tables in line with this color—monochrome dusty shades of taupe, greige, and creams.

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