5 Fall Wedding Colors That Are Beyond Gorgeous

With fall wedding season upon us, everyone in the Chiс Flowers Company wants to think about the delicious, rich colors that come with this season’s pretty palette. It’s no wonder that fall wedding’s are fast becoming the most popular time to get married—aside from the crisp weather and some of our favorite holidays, the colors that come with the changing of the season make for the perfect décor palette.

Remember, don’t be scared to play around with what you may think are unexpected colors for the season you’re getting married in—sometimes it just takes a little experimentation to get the perfect palette!

1. Black

Black isn’t just reserved for suits and tuxes! Add it to your tables with candlesticks to pump up the moodiness, or even via your centerpieces—anemones have a black center and are a super versatile flower. Get creative when you’re pairing it with other colors—seriously, don’t be shy! San Diego Wedding Florist advices, instead of just going with the expected black and white combo, to add in some antiqued gold and jewel tones to make your palette a little more rich.

2. Apricot

Apricot may not be the first color that comes to mind when you think of fall colors, but when you use alongside surprising pops of dark red and burgundy (like in these figs and chocolate cosmos) the once spring-y color feels much more fally.

3. Plum

Plum has a way of working very specifically with certain other colors—and can go tacky if you don’t choose the right shade and incorporate it in the right way. It works well when you use it with other darker flowers, or is subtly used in your paper goods. Steer clear of using plum in your table linens—too much purple can be dizzying!

4. Cooper

You know we had to get a metallic in the mix. Copper works pretty much year round, and for fall add dark colors in with the copper to really make it pop—like the black of this escort card display as a backdrop!

5. Burgundy

And to close on a classic, there’s no end to how you can get burgundy into your fall wedding decor. It’s pretty much a must-have color if you’re getting married this time of year! Burgundy is our favourite color in Chic Flowers Office to work with.

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