5 Ways to Decorate Your Cake With Fresh Flowers

When it comes to creating a naturally beautiful design, topping a confection with fresh flowers really takes the cake. And there’s a bonus here: You’ll save a pretty penny when it comes to costs. Fresh flowers are less expensive than those made of sugar, which are painstakingly crafted by hand.

Chic Flowers San Diego Floral Company represents you its favourite ways to decorate your wedding cake:

1. Statement Arrangement

Why not give your cake its own bouquet? Have your cake baker or florist group a variety of flowers together that mirror your own bouquet, or have them whip up something totally different.

2. Floral Topper

Flowers are a fresh update on the usual figurines or signage that often sit atop the top tier. Go as big as you want, especially on smaller cakes. Such floral decoration keeps any cake from being boring, while letting the topper steal the show.

3. In Between Tiers

Adding floral fillers in between layers of cake is a beautiful way to make your dessert stand tall.

4. Floral Accent

Less can be more, especially when it comes to a naked cake. Just few flowers perfectly complement the minimalist aesthetic of a simple confection and create a beautifully polished look.

5. Cascading Blooms

Your cake will stand out by using a mix of floral varieties. Blooms with different sizes, textures and colors work together to guide your eye from one tier of the cake to the next while still maintaining a visual interest.

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