Alternative Bridal Bouquet Trends To Try This Wedding

It’s been awhile since bouquets got a makeover, so Chic Flowers Company took the liberty.

Looking for that final ingredient to make your bouquet stand out? Think outside the garden —inspiration can come from the most unexpected of places.

1. Feathers

Some pretty plumage can change the entire vibe of a bouquet. To achieve a rustic style, try pheasant quills. Their black and brown color pattern is striking, and the spear shape will create an unexpected silhouette. If you’re going for glam, an arrangement of ostrich feathers will have dramatic volume and old-world charm. Want a detail that’s a little more offbeat? Try iridescent peacock plumage for extra depth and style points. Clean white feathers with gold-dipped tips are whimsical and understated—perfect fora boho-chic affair.

2. Fruits and Vegetables

The farm-to-table movement is in full swing, and as a result, people are more aware of their community’s local goods. So if you’re going for hometown charm, the farmers market is a good place to start. Leafy greens like kale, cabbage and Swiss chard are all beautiful substitutes for lush foliage. When it comes to making a bold statement, half-cut fruits like pomegranates or figs add a fresh architectural element to the bouquet’s texture.

3. Cotton

A few cotton wisps are perfect for a winter fete. Go for a whitewashed look with peonies for a romantic vibe, or play up the circular shapes with ranunculus, berries and Echinops (aka globe thistle). Consider wrapping the bouquet with raw silk ribbon—it has a rough texture that will juxtapose the fluff. You can trust Chic Flowers San Diego florist who will make everything in the best way.

4. Grain and grasses

From dune grass to organic straws of grain, grasses are perfectly suited to a range of wedding themes. For a seaside affair, for example, look to blue lyme or tufted hair grass for a tall and wispy addition to your bouquet shape.

5. Seedpods

Looking for something different to contrast with your blooms? Seedpods add some serious intrigue. And depending on which variety, they can help build the bouquet up (height) or out (volume).

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