Beyond Flowers: 5 Unique Ideas for Your Centerpieces

Do floral arrangements feel a little too “been there, done that” for your taste? Here, get inspired by 5 gorgeous centerpieces that don’t rely on flowers to make a lasting impression.

1. Candles

Hundreds of candles give your tables an ultra-modern romantic feel. You can also vary the height of your taper candles for more visual interest. Or just keep it simple by placing a single pillar candle in a tall hurricane vase.

2. Branches

For a sweet spring centerpiece, dress up your branches with a few flowers and faux birds. Paint branches silver for a wonderful winter effect or use a few flowers as accents on a horizontal branch down the middle of the table.

3. Tea Cups

A vintage tea set makes a charming centerpiece.

4. Lanterns

Illuminate your tables with lanterns.

5. Antiques

Hit up local garage sales and secondhand shops for unique vintage pieces to place on your tables.

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