Greenery Chandeliers and hanging Pieces as an extravagant addition to your wedding reception

Chandeliers give a special dimension and create so much light and airy feel in a high ceiling venue, we always like to share this vision with our clients! And a lot of them agree and never are hesitant about! Its so chic, unique and elegant! Instead of just decorating your tables why not to decorate the ceiling? Venue is Brick at Liberty Station, we enjoyed the process as much as we enjoyed the result!

High ceiling tent or even or a barn is a perfect place for your hanging piece. Specially i San Diego with so many outdoor open tents and barns we d love to add this touch in every wedding possible! The venue is Abbott Manor in Temecula, CA

Photography by Rebecca Yale Photography, Inc.

Hang is the way you like) Its even looks beautiful at your balcony or patio: greenery chandeliers, hanging votives or lanterns, any of your ideas can turn to a beautiful picture)

Venues at Balboa Park, San Diego, CA

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