These Minimalist Wedding Centerpieces Prove That Less Is More

Sometimes less really is more, especially when it comes to your wedding. Minimalism has been popping up everywhere lately, from the tiny-house movement and uniform dressing to Marie Kondo-inspired de-cluttering. This modern minimalist trend has also made its way to the weddings world and we’re seeing more emphases on clean lines, sculptural details, and fluid silhouettes.

If you’re craving a simple and understated wedding-day look, then this minimalist-wedding trend is for you. But don’t get us wrong — minimalism does not mean boring, stark-white walls and austere details. Rather, having a minimalist wedding means paring down all of the extra, unnecessary wedding “stuff” so that the few remaining elements truly shine. To help you get inspired, Chic Flowers Company represents these four reception centerpieces that perfectly nailed the modern-minimalist look.

Tropical Greenery

For a clean and modern look, arrange a variety of single-stem tropical leaves, like palms and monsteras, in a variety of clear-glass bottles, all at different heights. The overall look is simple, unexpected, and fresh.

Single Stems

This modern reception centerpiece consisted of a wood beam anchoring several glass test tubes; each vial contained single stems of different flowers, including dahlias, ranunculuses, and astilbe.

Square Votives

Skip the flowers altogether and line the center of your reception tables with two rows of frosted square votives. When arranged en masse down the length of long, rectangular dinner tables, the effect is simple yet striking.

Geometric Design

For a more pared-down reception look, place contemporary architectural objects front and center, like these geometric himmelis displayed with tea lights on wooden slabs.

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