Your dream deserves more than a place in your imagination.

Too many of us world is so vulnerable right now and we don’d always see what really stays behind.

We work too much, we don’t pay attention to our emotional and physical health, don’t pay attention to our own kids sometimes. Due to COVID19 Humanity suffered from job loses, income loses and difficulties with financial situation plus a lot of people suffered from this virus themselves. And i feel so sad about it as i was one of them who had to put all my plans and business goals behind to stay and wait for it to finish!

But to think deeper, to see whats invisible and sometimes even right thinking will bring you something new and exciting.

While everybody stayed home. I was dreaming.

My dreams do come true because i believe in them and visualize a lot.

How i could manage 200 – 250 weddings a year with two kids and no nanny.

…. It looks and sounds unrealistic.

To me its sounds good, thats when i found a true joy of being an Entrepreneur and a Mom at the same time!

I chose flowers because it’s fun and kids love them so much.

Yes… I took my daughters to smaller size weddings, where they got to play with me while i was looking over my team and set up processes.

Almost always weddings in Southern California are outdoors, so fresh air ,lots of healthy snacks ( i’ll include a list what i usually pack with me for kids when we go to set ups together in a separate blog post ),

I felt very frustrated when i got my first daughter and could not work as i used to anymore, i was a florist at the flower shop and got hourly base….

I could not do it anymore with a baby, my husband sported financially our family. And he never insisted on working for me, it was my unstopping energy of trying to do something that will fulfill my heart.

And carrying for the baby was not the only thing on my mind, i wanted to do something more something beautiful.

And i created my own business. And you know what dream to be a business woman with kids stuck so deep in my mind, so i went ahead and did it!

To many new moms or moms to be it would be crazy, how can you do both???

Business and kids… Well you can manage… Its all in time management and day planning.

You plan out your kids schedule and your work schedule at the same time!

So go for it, you deserve it when you work hard, it doesn’t matter who you are now, the only thing really matters is what person you really like to see when you look in the mirror in 5… 10… 15.. 20.. years…

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